Living on $1000 a Month

February 18, 2012

Is it really possible to live on $1000 a month? Yes, it is entirely possible. The question is: Is it possible to be happy if you are living on $1000 a month? The answer to this question depends on how you go about it. And this opens up another entire set of considerations, mostly centering on the question of what you want to do with your life in the first place. For an artist, as an example, the prime commodity is time and enough money to acquire the tools of his trade, and a lot of inspiration, and happiness can be achieved.

So the answer to the question “Is it possible to be happy if you are living on $1000 a month?” really depends on find a “labor of love”. If you have already found something that you just absolutely love doing and that doesn’t cost very much money, then the only thing between you and nirvana is finding a situation where your expenses are low enough that you don’t need some kind of grunt work job to pay the bills.

This labor of love has to be a pretty powerful force in your life, by the way. Maybe it’s a cause of some kind, like trying to educate people about global warming. Maybe it’s an effort to stop child abuse. Maybe it’s just reading books. Maybe it is playing music. But whatever it is, it is a good idea to start spending what time you have doing that thing, just to make sure that’s what you want to do.

And here’s another thing. Once you do decide that you like doing this thing, and you start to gain some proficiency at it, it becomes easier and more enjoyable. That’s when you can start to say, O.K., yes this is really what I want to do with my time, what would it take to provide my basic necessities of life so that I can proceed to do it. Then you naturally might think of ways of living cheap so that you aren’t married to some job just so you can go buy more stuff. Then you start thinking, let’s see, I can get this apartment in Mexico for $125 a month, and let’s see, groceries are going to be $145 a month, or whatever other expenses it takes to make the provisions for this type of life style.

I have a friend that lives in Mexico in the winter months and pays $62 a week for a bungalow and is just happy as can be because he’s able to do the reading he wants to do and go on hiking trips once or twice a week. This is just what he likes to do.

And as far as eating goes, once you change to a more simple diet, you find that your life is much more simplified as well. The whole concept of eating to live, rather than living to eat, might seem a little awkward at first, but once it takes hold, you will find you don’t really want to go back to the way things were before. I find myself rarely interested in going out to restaurants, but rather in desire of having a simple meal at home and getting on to one of my favorite activities, like playing music.

So long story short, it is entirely to be happy while living cheap and even living on $1000 a month or less. It’s just how you go about it.
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